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Food & Beverage ( F&B)

'Our Chef Uniform are built to last and stand up to the most demanding culinary environments. These chef uniform are designed to wash, wear and perform, while offering the style, fit, and functionality you expect'.Our range  includes chef jackets, chef trousers, aprons and hats.We have wide range of chef uniform for corporation to select and incorporate their company logo & color as part of their uniform design.

If you require other styles and patterns for your custom made F&B Chef Uniform 

Please contact us at

Email: veryduoexpress@gmail.com

Whatsapp Direct: 012 777 2373 

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Chef Uniform 049/2019

Chef Uniform 048-2019

Chef Uniform 047-2019

Chef Uniform 046-2019

F&B Uniform idea 12

F&B Uniform idea 10

F&B Uniform idea 9

F&B Uniform idea 8

F&B Uniform idea 7

F&B Uniform idea 6

F&B Uniform idea 5

F&B Uniform idea 4

F&B Uniform idea 3

F&B Uniform idea 2

F&B Uniform idea 1

Chef Uniform 045-2019

Chef Uniform 044-2019

Chef Uniform 043-2019

F&B Vest

Chef Coat 071

Chef Coat 070

Chef Coat 069

Chef Uniform

Chef Uniform

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