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Polo T-Shirt

Polo T-Shirt a T-shaped shirt with a collar, a placket with typically three buttons. We can also customized different collar ,piping, cuff , factory uniform and more. We have wide range of ready made and custom made collar T-Shirt for corporation/office or factory to select and incorporate their company logo & color as part of their uniform design.

No matter is roundneck,collar, button,v-neck, v-neck collar, round neck collar, long sleeve, 3/4 quarter sleeve, raglan, extra sleeve length, extra height length, chest pocket, sleeve pocket, baby T, 3/4 baby T or muslimah we ready made t-shirt styles and patterns that are available for you to choose.

If you require other styles and patterns for your custom made t-shirt order, 

Please contact us at

Email: veryduoexpress@gmail.com

Whatsapp Direct: 012 777 2373


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Corporate T Shirt

Corporate T Shirt

Corporate T Shirt

Corporate T Shirt

Collar T shirts

Denim Collar T Shirt - Custom Made

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Collar T-Shirt 062

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